Friday, September 24, 2010

Today's Favorite T Shirt

I picked this t shirt as a personal favorite of my girls.  My youngest is currently at Disney World with her Minnie t shirt on and loves it!  This t shirt is great for all the Mickey and Minnie enthusiasts out there!  This can be made with the bow for the girls or without for the boys who love the big mouse too!  An initial can be put inside the design or the full name under.  Check out our website for more designs @

A Little About Me

Trying to Say No ....

Hi, welcome and enjoy!

So, a little about me.  I'm a mom, wife, pta treasurer, room mom, team mom and president of HOA.  Oh, and don't forget owner of an online boutique, paralegal and legal secretary!  Basically a mom who has too much on her plate, but wouldn't have it any other way.  I thrive on a schedule and would be lost without my IPhone or a generous suply of Post It notes.  I have an awesome husband who (thankfully) loves me with all the craziness and two daughters and a step son who keep it all real!

So with a little help from a friend, I started Kids T-Shirts Rock this summer!  I love personalized and custom t shirts for my girls (my step son is 16 so I think I'd have a hard time getting him to wear a Batman Birhday Tee).  But my girls always love something with their name or initials on t shirts seemed like an easy choice for me.  And viola....Kids T-Shirts Rock was born! 

Each week I'll post a new favorite t shirt of mine and hope you enjoy!  My life can be pretty crazy so I'll use this as my outlet to post!  Tell your friends about us and I hope to see you soon!

Happy blogging,