Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Perfect Birthday Gift for Little Boys

Searching for a creative gift for young boys that does not include expensive gadgets, toys or video games? Buying a personalized birthday T-shirt might just be the solution to one’s gift giving problems. There are a lot of shirts that one can give as gifts to little boys. These would include superhero T-shirts and cartoon character shirts. All of them come in a variety of designs that the gift shopper can choose from. However, if one already gave out t-shirts bearing superheroes or cartoon characters before then perhaps buying boys personalized birthday Tshirts might be the next ideal gift.


Actual retail stores and online stores both sell numerous kinds of boys personalized birthday Tshirts. These shirts would range from $25-$35 in terms of price. The prices would often depend on the design and size of the shirts. All of these shirts are 100% cotton tees that can be transformed into long sleeved T-shirts for an additional fee of $2. Being made of 100% cotton, one can be sure that the shirt is comfortable to wear. The personalized T-shirts being sold online basically feature several kinds of designs.


Another kind of boys personalized birthday Tshirts includes a large circle in the middle of the shirt that shows the age of the birthday boy. The name of the celebrant can also be written around the said circle. This is a classic design that is popular with gift shoppers. The target market being young boys, the design comes in masculine colors such as blue, green and brown. A variation of this design features the same circle with the age in the middle of the circle. The difference with this one is that the name is plainly written below the circle and not around. Many buyers favor this one as the name of the birthday boy can be quickly seen.


Another type of boys personalized birthday Tshirts would often show superhero characters alongside the name of the birthday boy. This design essentially hits two birds with one stone. Not only is the shirt personalized, it also features the favorite superhero of the birthday boy. A sample of this design would be one that shows a caricature of Batman with the name of the celebrant above or below the featured hero.


Other designs feature the words “birthday dude” or “birthday boy” in the middle of the circle and the name of the celebrant is again written around the circle. No matter what the design you choose might be, giving a personalized T-shirt for a little boy celebrating his special day will definitely a gift worth cherishing.



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